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The Barachan Isles were an independent archipelago, located just off the southwestern coast of Zingara. The Barachans were a group of sea-roving pirates who survived by preying on Zingaran trade ships or other available targets.[5]

The majority of Barachans descended from the people of Argos. The rest were sailors and outlaws from all known nationalities. They were drawn there for the chance to escape the respective legal jurisdictions of their countries of origin. The ruling class was formed by influential pirate captains who could attract the allegiance of substantial crews. While rivalries and enmities between captains were common, they were all loosely affiliated under the banner of the Red Brotherhood. The few laws and regulations of the Brotherhood were the only restrictions to their actions.[5]

The capital and only major settlement of the Isles was Tortage, a port city "harbored amidst rocky cliffs." Its alehouses, inns, and brothels drew in customers seeking fun after a bloody campaign. Their occasional raids on coastal villages and cities of Hyboria -- involving burning, looting, and abducting women -- left the Barachans with a deserved reputation for ruthlessness and outright cruelty. Exaggerated tales of their supposed cannibalism circulated in rural Hyboria.[5]

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