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After announcing that it was experiments done by the Americans that created the mutants, the President summoned Nick Fury to discuss the issue of the riots occurring because of the revelation and in the middle of their discussion Quicksilver showed up unannounced saying he wanted to of help.[1]

When Valerie Cooper introduced herself to the President after making the announcement about the Americans' creation of the mutants, she saw that Quicksilver was with the President and he ordered her to hear what Quicksilver had to say.[2]

While witnessing the conversation between Valerie Cooper and Quicksilver, a staff member burst into the President's room and told him to watch on TV what was happening because of Reverend Stryker.[3]}

In response to the Stryker terrorist attack, the President asked Cooper why he hadn't read any reports about that person. Quicksilver later suggested that the President unleash the Sentinels against Stryker.[4]

After discovering that Stryker was also a mutant capable of controlling the machines including the Sentinels they had unleashed against him, upon hearing the report from Valerie Cooper the President realized the serious mistake he had made in listening to Quicksilver.[5]

Quicksilver left the Situation Room and the President at the call of his sister the Scarlet Witch.[6]

The President addressed the American people by declaring that the country was under attack by their own Sentinels who were controlled by a radical anti-mutant terrorist and that there had been many victims, furthermore he declared that under his order with immediate effect he ceded power to the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Oklahoma and that all citizens of those states seek immediate shelter to avoid further bloodshed.[7]

The President's message is repeated online over and over again.[8]




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