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Barbara McDevitt was the personal bodyguard of Jason Quantrell, the director of Cortex Inc.

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After the fall of Atillan, McDevitt was discovered to be an Inhuman descendant, whose powers were activated after she suffered Terrigenesis and remained in a cocoon for weeks.[1]

McDevitt was sent to steal technology from Attilan after it crashed, but she was discovered and arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D..[2]

Keeping her mouth shut about her employers, McDevitt was sent to Ryker's, where she was secretly visited by Quantrell who exposed her to what he called an upgrade, a "kind of Secondary Terrigenesis", trapping her into some sort of red cocoon.[3]

A transformed McDevitt, now called Quickfire, was later used by Quantrell to murder Gideon Mace.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Chronokinesis: McDevitt is an Inhuman with the ability to slow down time around a single target or object. With more focus and experience with her new-found abilities she believes that she will be able to expand the radius of the area were she is slowing down time, allowing her to freeze groups of people and things instead.[1] After her mutation she displayed the ability to accellerate time and make an infected White Tiger super-fast.

Infection: After being transformed in a monster by the Beyond Corporation[3] she obtained the ability to infect other people and turn them in creatures like her.[5]


Corporate spy: Prior to obtaining her superhuman abilities, McDevitt was a well-trained corporate spy.[1]

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