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Barbie Robb was potentially born in the realm of the Many Moons Munnopor to unknown parents who abandoned on Earth. [1] The Dweller in Darkness was unconsciously drawn to her because of this and helped draw out her powers. After waking up, she unwittingly used her powers to cure a hang-over. The Dweller then explained she wasn't dreaming and could use her powers to alter reality but was limited and could gain unlimited power by stealing the Book of the Vishanti from Doctor Strange. She attacked him and Clea using Doctor Strange's mirror image but the Clea faded away. The real Clea was having a nightmare of the attack. Assuming NIghtmare was involved they traveled to his dimension and confronted him, but NIghtmare denied it and gave a hint about his true attacker. Dreamweaver went back to being Barbie Robb and travelled to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum under the guise of needing his help due to her dreams. She managed bore Strange and Clea to sleep and forced Strange's dream self to bring her the Book. In actuality it had been Strange's astral form and allowed her to obtain the book. When she attempted to read the book, the power overwhelmed her and Strange wiped her memory of all that had happened and returned her to her apartment.[2]

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