Barbara Shlottman was the wife to Bob Shlottman and father to Hope and Owen Shlottman.

She and Bob would worry often about their daughter, after she moved to New York City for college. Eventually, they would stop hearing from Hope, which was unusual of her, so they traveled to New York to search for her. Their failure to locate her led them to private investigator Jessica Jones. Barbara discussed with Jessica about how Hope went missing, while Bob attempted to fix her broken door. Jessica took the case.

A few days later, Barbara and Bob received a call from Jessica, telling them to leave New York as soon as possible. The Shlottmans were confused about how panicked Jessica sounded. A few hours after that, they received another call from Jessica, informing them that she had found their daughter.

Barbara and Bob picked up Hope from Jessica's office. They thanked Jessica and headed for the elevator with Hope, as Jessica followed behind. When the elevator door closed, Hope brought out a gun and killed both Barbara and Bob.[1]

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