Quote1.png Bardak ..... Come down at once! Ka-Zar is your master! Quote2.png
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Bardak was a member of a tribe of apes led by Chaka in the Belgian Congo during the 1930s. He clashed with jungle adventurer Ka-Zar (David Rand) over possession of a mirror once owned by jewel hunter Paul de Kraft. When Ka-Zar won the mirror, Bardak came to the cave Ka-Zar shared with Zar the lion and his mate Sha. Not finding the mirror, he kidnapped Zar's newly born cub Zoro. Ka-Zar followed after Bardak and slew him in battle. Bardak's body became carrion for Kru the vulture. Bardak's death led to strained relations between Ka-Zar and Chaka.[1]


Bardak had abilities common to his species of ape. He was able to communicate with Ka-Zar.


Bardak briefly possessed a mirror.

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