Quote1.png Now listen here! You men signed to go to Rotterdam ... and that's where you're going! Quote2.png
-- Barney Mullen src


Barnabus "Barney" Mullen was the captain of his own small merchant ship and made deliveries around Europe during World War II. He was hired by the Portuguese to ship gold filigree to Rotterdam on their behalf. Such a shipment would make his ship a target to all sides of the conflict as it would be seen as bringing supplies to an enemy.

After facing and surviving attacks at sea by warships and a plane, Mullen's crew attempted to mutiny due to the dangerous conditions. Mullen and few loyal seamen beat them into submission, but some required medical attention necessitating their pulling into a port in France. When the authorities learned of the gold he was shipping they attempted to detain his ship, but Mullen tossed the officials overboard and continued on his journey.

His journey was almost undone by when a steam boiler of his ship blew, causing the ship to sink. Mullen and his crew traveled the rest of the way to Rotterdam in lifeboats. Mullen revealed to a representative of the shipping company that he had a forethought to hide the gold in the lifeboats. Given what he was being paid, he was more than willing to sacrifice his ship.

Mullen presumably purchased a new ship and resumed his business, however, his subsequent activities remain unrevealed.

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He was a skilled ship's captain and an able hand-to-hand combatant.


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