Barnaby Wade was a scientist who had learned how to give himself the power to transform thought into reality. He was able to create solid creations of anything which he could think of, though the process left him feeling incredibly weak afterwards. The Yellow Claw followed Wade's particularly powerful brain waves to Riverdale and offered him his 'Vitamin X,' which would restore his strength, in exchange for him using his powers in the Claw's service. Wade eagerly agreed and soon created a 'thought lion' in the bedroom of Jimmy Woo, the Claw's longtime nemesis. Woo was able to escape harm and kill the lion, after which he received a phone call from the Claw's grand-niece Suwan who wished to stop her uncle's mad schemes. Suwan showed Jimmy where the Yellow Claw's secret hideout was and he surprised him, forcing the Claw to flee. The Thought Master was taken into custody while in his weakened state.


The Thought Master possessed the power to create solid matter constructs from his thoughts. It seems that what he could construct was only limited by his imagination, some example include a life-size recreation of the Statue of Liberty, a life-sized dinosaur, a lion, a six inch tall elephant, and a group of soldiers.


The Thought Master found it physically draining to utilize his powers. For a time this was offset by the 'Vitamin X' pills which the Yellow Claw supplied him with.

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