The origins and true nature of Baron Frankenstein is a mystery when compared to the known history of the Frankenstein family. The facts, as they are, have not been fully explained.

The Baron is either the blood relation or the creation of a man calling himself Doctor Frankenstein. What can be determined is that he is not the Victor Frankenstein, creator of the famous Frankenstein Monster, but is likely a relative. He lived in his own castle, dubbed Castle Frankenstein (not to be confused with Victor's own castle) during the 19th century. In the year 1818, he succeeded in creating a monster, either duplicating Victor's process or using one of his own. Much like Victor, he considered his creation a monstrosity. He suffered from a weak heart and collapsed in his castle, as he died he put a curse on the castle, vowing that nobody who lived in it would find peace and that his soul would never rest. Fearing that he would be resurrected, Doctor Frankenstein had his body cremated and unknown to all, had his vast fortune stashed away in a crypt beneath his castle.

Baron Frankenstein's first recorded surfacing happened in 1947 after his ancestor/possible creator's castle was purchased by the wealthy Elmo Lang, who had the castle transported brick-by-brick to the United States. Surprisingly, the treasure was never discovered during the move. Knowing about his ancestor's fortune, Baron Frankenstein sneaked into the castle and began leaving threatening notes to Lang and his daughter demanding they turn over the treasure or face dire consequences. In order to hide out in the castle, Baron Frankenstein stole Lang's map of the castle which identified where various secret passages where.

Fearing for his life, Elmo hired private detective Mark Mason who brought along his regular crime fighting companion Blonde Phantom to investigate the threats. Witnessing Mason and the Blonde Phantom's arrival, Baron Frankenstein attempted to kidnap Lang's daughter but was frightened off by the Blonde Phantom. Escaping into a secret passage way, Baron Frankenstein returned that night to once again attempt to kidnap Lang's daughter. He was once more confronted by Blonde Phantom, who was no match for the brute's superior strength. Taking both women prisoner, Baron Frankenstein demanded that Lang's daughter show him where the treasure was hidden. Recalling the history of the Baron's ancestor, Blonde Phantom managed to break free of her bonds and knock the Baron out by smashing a chair over his head. She then Removed the lid from the crypt, revealing the long lost treasure. When Baron Frankenstein recovered, Blonde Phantom allowed him to take the treasure and leave without incident.[1]

Baron Frankenstein has not been seen since, and his subsequent fate is unknown.


It is unspecified if Baron Frankenstein is either a normal, albeit deformed, man or if he is a creature typical of the Frankenstein family's creations. If the latter is true, it can be presumed that Baron Frankenstein's strength, durability, and other abilities are likely similar to the Frankenstein Monster.

Strength level

Baron Frankenstein appears to have above average strength.

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