Baron Hitso was a member of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. By the fall of 1944 he was located on an undisclosed island along the South Pacific. There he developed a special missile that utilized a human pilot in order to make sudden changes in its intended target and used them -- along with loyal Kamikaze pilots -- to attack American bases. After a successful test, he threatened a nearby military intelligence base prompting Captain America and Bucky to investigate the attacks.

When the heroes flew a plane over the island to try and find the source of the missiles their plane was blasted out of the sky, forcing them to abandon ship. However the attack allowed military direction finders to pinpoint the location of Hitso's base. When Cap and Bucky arrived there they attacked but were quickly subdued and taken prisoner. Hitso then loaded Bucky into one of his missiles and sent it to lead another round of missile attacks. Cap managed to break free, knocking Hitso and his men out. Then using the controls in Hitso's lab, directed Bucky's missile back to base, saving his partners life. Cap then ordered all the missiles back to base and the pair fled as the missiles blew up the base. Baron Hitso and his men were all killed in the resulting explosions.


Baron Hitso (Earth-616) and Kamakazi Missiles from Captain America Comics Vol 1 43 0001

Baron Hitso's Kamikaze Missiles.

Baron Hitso developed special missiles that contained human passengers. The missiles were directed from a control panel within Hitso's hideout, however the human passenger inside could effect the directions of the missile while in flight allowing them to change course as needed.

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