Baron Krugg (Earth-616) from Young Allies Vol 1 14 001

Baron Krugg before his transformation.

Baron Krugg was a Nazi spy active during World War II. In the early days of 1945 he and his minions attempted to sabotage American war factories and ammunition stores. During one such attack, they were opposed by the Young Allies. Despite the success of their mission, the spies were forced to flee due to being outmatched by the Allies. Back at their hideout, Krugg decided to change tactics as they were undermanned to attack factories and stores, and decided to focus on attacking the source of materials used to making American weapons.

Focusing on Radium supplies, Baron Krugg and his men headed to a laboratory where Radium was being experimented on. They were spotted and followed by the Young Allies, and during the ensuing fight Krugg attempted to flee the scene. He instead found himself trapped in the storage room with the entire labs supply of Radium. Believed to have escaped, Krugg was left there and soon mutated into a green skinned being that could fire powerful blasts of radiation of his hand. Calling himself the Green Death, he smashed his way out of the storage room and killed a scientist, using his rubber gloves to better control his powers.

Krugg then went on a one man campaign of sabotage, with the American authorities unable to stop him. Learning where his fellow spies were being transported to, the Green Death attacked the federal prison where they were being detained, clashing with the Young Allies again. The Allies failed to stop him and Krugg freed his captive comrades. They next targeted a government owned mine, where they once more clashed with the Young Allies. There, the Green Death unleashed his powers compromising the integrity of the mine shaft. As the Young Allies fled, the Green Death and his men were buried alive.


In his mutated form Krugg could fire blasts of radiation from his hands that could be lethal in intensity. He apparently required to wear rubber gloves in order to control the strength of his blasts. He was also immune to heat and fire, and could generate enough heat himself to melt steel.

In terms of publication history, Baron Krugg is the first Marvel character to be mutated and granted extraordinary powers by radiation.

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