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Baron Thunder was the leader of the criminal organization known as the Committee whose expressed goals were to help stimulate the American economy through any means necessary, legal or otherwise. Only Baron Thunder and a select few in his employ were aware of the true plans of the organization. Thunder believed that the blood of a werewolf was capable of enhancing a person's strength to superhuman levels and it was his goal to enhance the strength of the members of the Committee's inner circle to superhuman levels like his own. To this end, the Committee pursued Jack Russell whom they had discovered to be the Werewolf suspected to be in the Los Angeles area.[1]

The Committee tried several times to capture Russell, but when they captured his sister Lissa Russell[2], Jack was forced to seek out Baron Thunder and the Committee to try and rescue her. Using one of the Werewolf Rings, Russell was able to transform into the Werewolf without there being a full moon. In addition, he was also able to use his own mind while in the body of the creature, allowing him to think rationally about a plan to rescue his sister. During his rescue attempt, Russell was forced to battle the superhuman Baron, who planned to kill him and harvest his blood. During the ensuing struggle, however, a large bank of machinery fell on the Baron and his headquarters caught on fire. Jack and Lissa were able to escape before the hideout exploded, seemingly killing the Baron and Ma Mayhem inside[3].

Powers and Abilities


Baron Thunder possessed superhuman strength and durability.


Baron Thunder appeared to possess at least some knowledge of the occult and the arcane arts.



Baron Thunder presumably had access to all of the equipment and paraphernalia used by the Committee

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