Baron Togi was a member of the Imperial Japanese army during World War II. In December of 1943 he was stationed near Papau Harbor where he and his minions set up decoy ships loaded with explosives in order to lead American ships into a trap. However, this plot was overheard by the Sub-Mariner.

Namor warned the approaching American ships of the trap and then forced his way into Togi's submarine. From the radio room he ordered the other subs to surface, leading to their destruction. Namor then faced Togi and his minions alone. Grabbing Togi, Namor rammed him into the bulkhead of the sub so hard, the Japanese man pierced through the hull of the ship causing the vessel to flood. If the blow to the head did not kill Baron Togi, he certained drowned with the rest of his crew as the sub quickly filled with water and sank to the bottom of the ocean.[1]



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