Baron & Baroness Kidersky (Earth-616) from Human Torch Comics Vol 1 10 0002

The Baron and Baroness out of costume.

Baron and Baroness Kidersky were a famous ballerina couple that were popular during the 1940s. During the Russian Civil War they were loyal to the White Russians who eventually aligned themselves with Imperial Japan during World War II. The Kidersky's became world famous ballerinas, and also Nazi spies after they moved to the United States. By the winter of 1943, they were touring around American military bases learning the routes American convoys were taking across the Atlantic and other government secrets and then, through televised broadcasts, send this information by a means of interpretative dance. Each of their dance moves was in the shape of a letter that spelled out a code. A Nazi U-Boat remained in range to pick up the broadcast and record the secrets and transmit them back to Germany.

When the Sub-Mariner was believed to be a Nazi sympathizer, he was sent to the Kidersky's for mission orders after being sprung out of a British prison within Castle Deptford. Namor met with the Kidersky's who assigned him to destroy American defense plants. Having no intention of doing so, he tracked the Kidersky couple across the United States, watching a performance at a military base and on live television, understanding that they were sending secret information out to the Nazis, but not understanding how. Meanwhile, the Human Torch and Toro having discovered the ruins of a television set on a blown up Nazi U-Boat deduced how when seeing a televised performance while sailing back to the United States.

Namor was captured by the Kidersky's who almost killed him if not for the timely arrival of the Torch and Toro who tracked down their location. The Kidersky's were then forced to put on a performance that gave the Nazis coordinates to a trap laid out by American forces before being turned over to the authorities. By the false instructions, the Nazis were lured into a sea-mind field and destroyed by American ship, Namor, the Torch and Toro.[1]

The fate of the Kidersky's following the war is unrecorded.


The Kidersky's are skilled ballet dancers.


They have a television camera and television broadcasting equipment in their home.


The Baron was armed with a pistol.

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