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Outwardly, the Baron of Horror Castle appeared to be merely an eccentric man who lived in a castle and refused to modernize to society, instead living with the benefits and technology that was available to the Dark Ages. Unknown to most was the fact that he was an agent of the Nazis during World War II.

When American forces were fighting in Europe in the fall of 1944, the Baron invited some top ranking military officials to his house for supper. Among those in attendance were General Haywood and Sgt. Duffy, the latter of which ordered Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes to stand on security detail.

As per his orders, the Baron had the commanding officers meals drugged in the hopes of smuggling them into Germany to learn American military secrets. When they attempted to silence Steve and James they fled changing into Captain America and Bucky. The Baron and his men overpowered the two heroes and then threw them in a pool filled with piranha's before boarding their plane to Germany. Escaping their trap, Cap and Bucky forced the Baron's plane to crash.

All those aboard survived and the Baron and his men attempted to eliminate Captain America and Bucky. During the fight, the Baron attempted to toss a cannon ball at Captain America, lost his balance and fell off his castle to his death.[1]



The Baron wore a suit of medieval armor.


The Baron used a number of medieval weapons, including a sword, cannons, maces, he also had a pool filled with deadly piranhas.


The Baron had access to an airplane

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