Barracuda was a Prohibition-era enforcer of Bumpy Johnson, specializing in wrecking night clubs rivaling those of his employer. Which he is the only one to walk out (alive) from many of his raids. Barracuda was hired, along with Jigsaw and the Russian by Dutch Shultz in killing Frank Castelione

In 1935, Barracuda came into conflict with Castelione's son, Frank Jr. the Punisher, at Coney Island. Barracuda had the advantage over the Punisher, until being subdue by a falling Ferris wheel. The Punisher tied Barracuda to the Parachute Jump ride where he interrogated him over the identity of the Russian. However, Barracuda retorted back in a laugh and is then horizontally split in half when the Punisher activated the ride.

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