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The early life and origin of the villain known as Barrage remains unclear.

Serving Apocalypse

He was an original recruit of the Dark Riders of the Storm. As an agent of Apocalypse, he attacked X-Factor's Ship and the Inhumans' city on the moon.[4]

Serving Stryfe

Barrage and the other Dark Riders switched allegiances to Stryfe when the Chaos-Bringer defeated Apocalypse in battle. They defended Stryfe's moon base from the X-Men and mortally wounded the unfit Apocalypse in combat.[5]

Search for the Twelve

With Stryfe's death, Barrage and the Dark Riders traveled the world challenging mutants to prove they were strong, and searching for the fabled Twelve. The Riders apparently killed Mesmero and their own member, Psynapse, when he showed weakness. They were surprised to actually find a survivor in Cyclops.[6]

Serving Genesis

Barrage was with the Dark Riders when they started serving Genesis, but was missing from the roster by the time the team was massacred by Wolverine.[7][8]

Back to Stryfe

Barrage eventually returned to Stryfe's control, and even though he was killed in a confrontation with a version of Madelyne Pryor,[2] he resurfaced several years later.


The Dark Riders, including Barrage, embarked in a journey to kill mutant healers after a Terrigen Mist cloud was spread throughout the world, endangering mutantkind, believing the event to be a test of strength, so only the stronger should have survived.[9]

When they attacked the healer Shen Xorn, they were caught off-guard by his display of power, costing Barrage's life.[3]



Barrage had the power to transform his forearms into organic weapons capable of collecting ambient energy and firing it in powerful explosive blasts.

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