Barry was an A.I.M. henchmen that defected the team, Barry alongside other defected henchmen decided to stay in a bush close to Avengers Academy where they created some sort of base and welcomed other defecting henchmen.

When Proxima Midnight attacked the Avengers Academy, some of the henchmen helped them fight back, including Barry who became a member of the Academy.[1]

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  • Barry debuted presumably in 2016 during the first big A.I.M. attack on Avengers Academy, becoming playable in 2018.


  • Even though he has a name, besides the other henchmen everyone just calls him A.I.M. Scientist.[1]
  • He was called Larry by mistake by the Iron Legion Robot George, this may or may not be a reference to Agent Larry.[1]
  • One of the reasons Barry left A.I.M. was the fact that they didn't appreciate his dancing.[1]

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