Barry Gleason was the managing director of Grey Ridge Investments.[1] He was brought into contact with occultism when he discovered ancient artifacts in an underground temple hidden deep within one of his mines in West Virginia. He sold these items to Roger Felwood, who introduced Gleason to the Darkholders, a cult of Chthon worshippers.[2]

The sacred book of this cult, the Darkhold, prophesied that the serial murderer Carnage was to be part of a ritual to awaken an ancient evil.[3] While doing a background check on Grey Ridge's newest director of security Manny Calderon, he discovered her link with Carnage. He reached out to the FBI with a proposal, to use Calderon as a bait for a trap in the played-out West Virginia mine seemingly just for profit.

Gleson kept information regarding the structure of the mine to himself on purpose, so when the FBI used sonic weapons to attack Carnage, it caused a cave-in, dropping Carnage and several agents into the depths of the mine.[1] Later, Gleason retrieved the Darkhold from his office, and delved into the mine to meet with Carnage and guide him to the Darkholders' template.[4]

Gleason introduced Carnage to a group of Darkholders, who tried to sacrifice Carnage in a ritual to wake Chthon.[3] The ritual failed and it empowered Carnage instead, giving him control over the cultists instead. Gleason escaped from the mine with the Darkhold while Carnage confronted the FBI forces which were still tracking him down. Carnage eventually caught up with him, as he wanted to learn more about the Darkhold.[5]

Carnage later resurfaced with the Darkhold in his possession, and implied to have killed Gleason when he took it.[2]

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