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Barry Windom was a employee for Chemron who tried to complain to the companies CEO about their illegal dumping of toxic chemicals. He threatened to go to the authorities, so to avoid loosing millions the CEO killed him and the board of directors dumped his body into a industrial waste pipe. Instead of the waste fully dissolving his body it ate away all his features and his need for vengeance reanimated him. He visited each of the board members in turn, killing them and claiming one of their facial features. His final stop was Slammerkin and Jean Hargrove who was also being visited by Dracula. While Dracula was trying to consume Slammerkin, he killed Jean and turned to Dracula and the pair fought to claim Slammerkin. Windom was able to overcome Dracula and killed Slammerkin. With his vengeance complete he chose to dissolve into a lifeless puddle.[2]

He seemingly survived this and ended up in Prison 42 in the Negative Zone without any of his previously obtained facial features.[3]


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The Faceless man was able to cleanly transfer features from other people to himself, leaving smooth skin on his victim.

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