Bart Slade was a promising motorcycling stunt rider, until he was injured and suffered a bum leg, leaving him unable to jump safely.[1] Permanently sidelined, he was put in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of Johnny Blaze's Stunt Show, becoming Blaze's manager.[2]

Bart informed Johnny about Roxanne's failure to appear, and was promptly chewed out for his trouble. He later reported about the appearance of a strange curly headed man seen the previous night, and thought he might have had something to do with Roxanne's disappearance. Johnny apologized for his earlier outburst, which Slade accepted, byt he silently swore that he would do all he could to have Roxanne seeing Blaze as he saw him.[2]

Unaware of the Ghost Rider’s rescue of Roxanne, or his emotional battle with the ghostly form of "Crash Simpson", Slade sarcastically welcomed the arriving Blaze and Simpson as they staggered in with the morning’s rays. When Blaze chewed him out, Slade offered the excuse of his working most of the night getting the show ready for their next tour stop in Arizona as the reason for his attitude. When Blaze was preoccupied with Roxanne’s condition, Slade made a mental vow that Blaze would be the one crawling to him.[3]

With Johnny and Roxanne still missing, Slade took the opportunity to present himself before the rodeo owner Casey Miller as Blaze’s equal. Given permission, Slade was already on Blaze’s stunt cycle when the Ghost Rider returned. Mocking what he believed to be Blaze’s costume (unaware of his dealings with the supernatural), Slade boasted that he was the superior to Johnny Blaze. The Ghost Rider clotheslined him off of the motorbike in response and took his place, citing Slade’s disability as a liability. Slade conceded defeat, but sneeringly warned the Ghost Rider that it would be bad for Blaze’s reputation if his fans discovered him attacking a cripple. He swore that the people would know of this as the Ghost Rider rode off to do the stunt.[1]

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