Bartak is a Skrull who posed as the Silver Surfer.[1] Like the Super-Skrull, Bartak was surgically altered and implanted with a power receptor. A network of transmissions stations were secreted across various sectors, which transmitted power to Bartak (in a manner similar to how power was transmitted to the Super-Skrull).[2][3]

After the fragmentation of the Skrull Empire, he pledged his service to the Skrull warlord Karza.[2] After the Surfer vowed not to get involved in the second Kree-Skrull-War, Bartak, who was trapped in the disguise of the Silver Surfer, attacked various Kree outposts and Ships. He left a trail of terror across the Kree Empire and wrecked havoc across the border worlds.[4][5] Ronan the Accuser was sent after the Surfer by Nenora, a Skrull Agent who took the mantle of Supreme Leader of the Kree after the Surfer drove the Supremor insane. After Bartak was confronted by the true Silver Surfer, whom he defeated in battle by using the power from the complete network of transmission stations, he was killed by Ronan.[6]


Seemingly those of Norrin Radd (Earth-616)#Powers.

  • Bartak was created as a retcon to explain the Silver Surfer's presence on Titan during Captain Mar-Vell's final days in Marvel Graphic Novel #1, when the Galactus barrier would have prevented the real Surfer from leaving Earth to attend.

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