Bart Jones is Firestar's father. Bart's mother helped him care for his daughter. After she died and Angelica revealed she was a mutant, he sent her to the Massachusetts Academy where she became the White Queen's student.

Eventually, Firestar left the Academy and moved back home. In time she joined the New Warriors. Bart revealed to Angel that he knew she was Firestar and accepted her and her teammate and boyfriend Vance Astrovik's murder trial for killing his own abusive father.[1] Firestar was devastated when Vance was sent to jail. Months later, a street gang with a grudge against the New Warriors attacked and kidnapped several members of the New Warriors family members. Bart Jones was shot, and Firestar rushed him to the hospital.[2]

At some point during Bart's recuperation, Angel's boyfriend Vance was paroled and lived with Bart and Angel.[3] Bart had tried to get Vance's mother to forgive Vance for the killing of her husband, but she refused. Vance eventually moved out of Bart's home and moved in with his (platonic) teammate Namorita[4].

When Richard Rider was being chased by Nova Omega, he visited Bart Jones to see if he can find Firestar, but she wasn't there.[5]

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