Bartow and Ariel come from a future reality called Earth-83036 where humans have expanded throughout the galaxy and colonized several other planets besides Earth. After a near fatal confrontation with a Nebu-Crab, he and his sister accidentally entered present day Earth-8107 and crash landed in New York City. While Iceman and Firestar attempted to help Bartow repair the spaceship, Spider-Man and Ariel quickly fell in love. Because of the sterile conditions of their future reality, Bartow and Ariel gradually became ill from the present day germs. At the same time Bartow and Ariel began to get sick, Doctor Octopus appeared and abducted Bartow, and held threatened to kill him if Spider-Man and the others did not give him Bartow and Ariel's ship. Doctor Octopus demanded they bring him the components to fix the ship in exchange for Bartow's safe return. Spider-Man and company quickly collected the needed components, and then rushed to Doctor Octopus. After defeating Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man chose to come with them back to the future Earth-83036 so that he could be with Ariel, but ended up returning back to present Earth-8107 after realizing he would contaminate the sterile environment of the future.[1]

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