Basil Frankenstein was a Nazi scientist and the descendant of Victor Frankenstein, the creator of the Frankenstein's Monster. In 1942, Basil collaborated with a Japanese scientist named Doctor Kitagowa and used his ancestor's research to create an undead army for the Third Reich. His research led to creating his own monster; Basil ensured to have the monster loyal to his creator unlike the original monster.[1]

Basil's activities caught the notice of the Invaders and had his monster subduing and securing the heroes at Castle Frankenstein. The Invaders soon broke free and fought the monster a second time. During the battle, the creature was slammed into an electrical panel and the massive jolt of electricity disrupted the programming that forced him to be obedient to his masters. Basil and along with Kitagowa faced the wrath of the freed will monster in which he grabbed them and thrown themselves from the parapet of the castle and plunged to their deaths.[1]

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