Basil Kilgrew was an employee of Department H's Floor 13. There, he was designated as Beta 1 and in charge of several projects. Projects he was involved with included the extraction of DNA from the captured Woodgod, monitoring the genetic development of several members of Alpha Flight, the development of semi-organic synthoids known as Beta Flight and some knowledge of the development of the new Weapon X.

Basil's wife and son were completely unaware of Basil's career as he signed an all-encompassing security and secrecy agreement. Basil, despite the considerable risk, chose to reveal some of the more clandestine and illicit projects of Department H to the Alphan Puck. He did so by slipping him some documents, including one referring to a failed "Legacy," Cleric. Basil was finally able to amass a large amount of data on Beta Flight, Hull House and all of the Department's illegal and immoral bio-tech experiments to expose the Department. Basil planned to send Puck the file, leave early for the day and take his family to another country, beyond Department H's grasp. He sent the file, entitled Curiosity, and left for the day, but there was a flaw in his plan. Earlier that morning, his son, not even old enough yet to read, had looked at some of his papers. Basil had ignored it since no one else knew.

But the Department knew. His house was being monitored. The incident with his son was seen. Basil Kilgrew died due to an "accidental" elevator failure, leading to a crash at the bottom of the shaft.

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