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The self-proclaimed Bastard Sons of Wilbur Day are an anti-super hero anarchist techno-terror cell, who based their manifesto on a distorted vision of the late super-villain Wilbur Day, aka Stilt-Man.

They stole (or were given) plans for a Stark weapon of mass destruction called the Titanomech, and bought materials for its construction requirements. They were tracked down by Iron Man and Spider-Man to their base of operations in a warehouse, where they unleashed the Titanomech prototype, but it was quickly destroyed due to its poor construction.[1]


  • Their manifesto reads:
"The hour is at hand! We the Bastard Sons of Wilbur Day advocate violent and immediate revolution against a technologically based industrial-informational hierarchy designe from the boot at the neck of the proletariat up. We will strike back against the corrupt, fascist heart of super-police unchecked by morality or decency with the very weapons they oppress us with, and our revolutionary brothers and sisters around the world. His name was Wilbur Day! He was the Stilt-Man! He saw technology as a tool of equalization. But the rich white men in power said no. He was murdered in the streets like a dog. Well, surprise, super-fascists! His sons now rise up.
--Manifesto of the Bastard Sons of Wilbur Day"

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