The Rawhide Kid entered into a town that had been plagued by a series of bank robberies by a masked man known only as the Bat. When people recognized the Rawhide Kid, who was a wanted outlaw, many believed him to be the Bat. The Rawhide Kid, in fact, was only looking for a bank to deposit his money and therefore sought out the owner of the local bank, a Mr. Harper. Harper, however, refused to take the money of an outlaw and his wife, daughter, and soon to be son-in-law, Seth Wilson, berated the Kid for his behaviour.

Later, determined to leave town and find another place to deposit his money, the Kid witnessed the Bat robbing the town's bank and took off after him in order to clear his name. The Bat fled as fast as his horse could ride towards the foothills outside of town until his horse tripped and fell. The Bat scrambled onto his feet and began climbing up the hillside away from the pursuing Rawhide Kid. The Bat was in such a mad scramble that he failed to see a mountain lion that was above him until it pounced, sending both the Bat and the cat over the side of a cliff.

The Kid then went to the Bat to see if he had survived the fall and was shocked to learn that the Bat was, in fact, Mr. Harper himself. Harper then confessed that his bank had been losing money and that he had been been stealing in order to cover up the losses. After confessing, Mr. Harper passed away. Seth Wilson witnessed the whole thing and apologized to the Kid. The Kid, however, told him to tell the people in town that he was in fact the Bat and that Mr. Harper had given his life to save the bank's money, chasing him in order to save the man's reputation.[1]




He rode a horse.


He was armed with pistols.

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