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Batroc's Brigade is a team of mercenaries organized and led by Batroc the Leaper. Although Batroc can and has operated on many occasions as a solo mercenary, he frequently employs a "Brigade" contingent upon his assignment. Most commonly, the Brigade is formed by only two additional costumed mercenaries, always with Batroc as the leader.

First Batroc's Brigade:

The first Brigade was formed when Batroc was hired by an unknown person to steal an object called the "seismo-bomb". Batroc, considering the task beyond his personal skills, hired two more mercenaries, but they were defeated by Captain America and the mission was a failure.

Second Batroc's Brigade

Batroc formed a new Brigade when he was hired by the Hood. The Hood wanted Batroc and other mercenaries to attack Captain America, but they were again defeated. The Second Brigade included:

Third Brigade

Batroc's Brigade, Daniel Rand, Georges Batroc (Earth-616) from Marvel Premiere Vol 1 20

Third Brigade

For a time, Batroc composed "brigades" with various common thugs. None of them had superhuman powers, advanced technology or a costume[1].

Fourth Brigade

Batroc formed a last brigade with other two mercenaries to try and steal Captain America's shield, but that mission also failed. This brigade included:

While the original Machete has since perished and been replaced by his brother (who ALSO perished and was replaced by a third brother), this incarnation has been active the longest, carrying out various mercenary missions.

Most recently Rapido and a female Machete have joined the brigade. [2]

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