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Synopsis for "Attack at Dawn!"

Battle Brady and Socko Swenski are ambushed by an army of Chinese soldiers lead by their old foe Manchuria Mary. To their surprise, they find that their bullets have no effect on the enemy soldiers, nor do their bayonets. When Battle manages to knock one out with a blow to the head with the butt of his six-shooter, he learns why: Looking down the back of the Chinese soldier's jacket, he sees that his foe is wearing a US issue bullet proof jacket. Soon they are overpowered and Mary takes them prisoner. They soon get a first hand look at how Mary and her minions have been stealing the jackets when they are tied up and left out in the middle of a road. When a US supply truck comes by and stops to rescue them, the troops are ambushed by the Chinese soldiers who take them prisoner and then steal the truck and all the supplies inside.

It turns out that Mary has done many similar successful traps to arm her troops with bullet proof jackets and supplies for a huge assault on nearby American soldiers who are short on supplies and without the protection of the stolen bullet proof jackets. Battle and the other soldiers are kept under guard while Mary and the rest of her army prepare for their attack. With the stolen trucks left behind, Battle manages to crawl under one of them and break loose the breaking mechanism and send it rolling into their guards, running them flat. Battle and the others then break free from their bonds and then hop into the trucks.

Battle leads the convoy of military vehicles to Mary's position and they run down all the enemy soldiers. However in the aftermath of the carnage, Battle and Socko learn that Mary is not among the dead, wounded or captured and has once more escaped them.

In a moment of rare comradery be Battle and Socko put aside their constant bickering by expressing their desire to capture Mary, even putting aside the issue of the 97 dollars that Socko owes Battle.

Appearing in "The Phantom of Stalag Luft 6!"

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Synopsis for "The Phantom of Stalag Luft 6!"

War story.

Appearing in "5th Column!"

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Synopsis for "5th Column!"

War story.

Appearing in "The Big Gripe!"

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Synopsis for "The Big Gripe!"

War story.


  • The story "The Big Gripe" is thought to feature artwork by two different artists.

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