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Synopsis for "Fury on Sniper Ridge!"

While on recon duty, Battle Brady and Socko Swenski come across Chinese soldiers under the command of the whip wielding General Olga. Clashing with Olga and her minions the two are eventually overpowered and taken prisoner. Olga then forces the two American's to take off their uniforms and give them to her two minions. In the G.I. uniforms, they sneak into the American base and learn of a troop movement through Sniper Ridge. When the report back, Olga leaves them to deal with Battle Brady and Socko Swenski while she devises a suitable trap for the coming soldiers.

When the Chinese soldiers prepare to execute the Americans, Battle pretends to beg for his life, getting close enough to stuff the barrels of the enemy rifles with bullets. When the Chinese soldiers finally take their shots, their guns misfire and explode in their faces, killing them. Battle and Socko then take the Chinese uniforms as disguises and travel to Sniper Ridge. There they find that General Olga and her men have built catapults on either side of the ridge that they plan to use to launch explosives at the advancing American troops. Mistaking Battle and Socko for the two soldiers that were ordered to execute them, Olga puts them on guard duty while the rest of the troop goes to sleep, ordering them to signal when the American troops pass through.

Instead, Battle recovers his stolen six-shooters and the pair then rig the catapults to launch across the pass instead of into it. Battle then lets off the signal, prompting Olga and her minions to launch explosives into the pass. Instead, the explosives are flung to the opposite sides where they explode, killing all the Chinese soldiers including Olga.

Having gotten to safety, Battle and Socko are found by an American soldier who does not believe they are not Chinese soldiers. This causes Battle and Socko to get into one of their usual arguments, confusing the lone soldier.

Appearing in "Alexander the Great"

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Synopsis for "Alexander the Great"

Biographical account of Alexander of Macedon

Appearing in "In the Dead of Night!"

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Synopsis for "In the Dead of Night!"

War story.

Appearing in "The Veteran!"

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Synopsis for "The Veteran!"

War story.

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