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Synopsis for "Combat Kelly"

While on patrol along the Imjin River, Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak catch Yalu River Rosie as she is bathing in the river. She tricks them into thinking she is being guarded long enough for her to dive under the water. When she does not come up for air, the two soldiers strip down and dive into the water as well.

There they discover that the Chinese have a new type of submarine that can navigate in rivers. They dodge a torpedo fired at them and swim to the surface, however Rosie raises the submarine as well and trains it's machine guns on them, forcing them to surrender. Brought inside the sub, they learn that Rosie and a flee of enemy subs plan on attacking their base at the other end of the Imjin and she then locks them in the torpedo room.

This proves to be Rosie's undoing as the two Americans launch themselves out of the torpedo tubes and swim to a nearby fuel dump. There they explain everything to the sentry on duty and being pouring oil and gasoline into the river. When Rosie and her forces rise out of the water to attack, Combat tosses a match into the polluted water causing a massive fire that makes the submarines explode.

In the aftermath of the battle, Combat and Cookie are surprised to find that Yalu River Rosie survived and take her prisoner once more.

Appearing in "The King!"

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Synopsis for "The King!"

War story.

Appearing in "The Outsider!"

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Synopsis for "The Outsider!"

War story.

Appearing in "3-Day Pass"

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Synopsis for "3-Day Pass"

War story.

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