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Synopsis for "Combat Kelly"

Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak are in the thick of battle against Chinese soldiers. When the enemy run out of ammunition they charge at the American soldiers with bayonets. While Cookie provides cover fire, Combat greets the enemy and fights them hand to hand, easily overpowering his attackers. When the Chinese soldiers turn to flee, the entire troop begins lobbing grenades, wiping out the few survivors that are left.

After they secure the enemy ammunition dump, Combat and Cookie go out to find how many other enemy troops are left. They come across a squad of the enemy and begin fighting them off, but are forced to stop when one Chinese soldier manages to grab Cookie and hold him hostage. The commanding officer demands that Combat go back to the ammo dump and convince his fellow troops that the ammo is not worth Cookie's life. Despite Cookie's pleas not to do it, Combat complies and returns to his troops position.

There he tells the troops what the situation is and after some thinking he comes up with a plan. Later, he fires a flare signaling that they are turning the ammo dump back over to the Chinese troops. The enemy comes and takes up the ammo in their own trucks and leave the American soldiers with Cookie. At first Cookie chastises Combat as a traitor for allowing the Chinese to take the ammo, but suddenly the enemy trucks explode and Cookie realizes that Combat and the other soldiers rigged the ammunition to explode. Cookie apologizes for calling Combat a traitor, and the two quickly patch things up and return to base.

Appearing in "The Coward!"

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Synopsis for "The Coward!"

War Story.

Appearing in "In the Eyes of Night!"

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Synopsis for "In the Eyes of Night!"

War Story.

Appearing in "The Dead Men!"

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Synopsis for "The Dead Men!"

War Story.

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