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Synopsis for "Combat Kelly"

Cookie Novak has been captured by Chinese soldiers. Combat Kelly comes to his friend's rescue, catching the enemy by surprise. Combat is greatly out numbered but puts up a good fight before they overpower Kelly and take him prisoner as well. The commanding officer is so impressed by Combat's display of strength that he decides to put the American through a different sort of execution: tying him to a bolder that they will send off the edge of a cliff.

However, before they can kill Combat Kelly, Yalu River Rosie appears and orders the Chinese soldiers to stand down. She has come up with a better idea, and has Combat untied. She then offers him a choice: Drive a truck full of explosives into the nearby American base and blow it up in exchange for Cookie being set free, or both of them will be killed. Unwilling to sacrifice Cookie's life, Combat agrees despite Cookie's protests.

However, he tricks them when instead of driving the truck into the American base, he doubles back and rushes towards the Chinese base. Combat bails out as the truck slams into the base and explodes killing all the enemy soldiers. As the bombs are going off, Combat notices Yalu River Rosie making a run for it and tackles her, knocking her out in the process. With the base destroyed, Combat frees Cookie and they return to base with Rosie as their prisoner.

Appearing in "They Shall Not Pass!!!"

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Synopsis for "They Shall Not Pass!!!"

War story.

Appearing in "Rocket Squad"

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Synopsis for "Rocket Squad"

War story.

Appearing in "Trees"

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Synopsis for "Trees"

War story.

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