Battlescar was ordered by the Leader to kill his ex-leader: the Foreigner. He joined with Warzone and Dead Aim, and they waited for the Foreigner near Dead-Aim's base. Battlescar first hit Foreigner, slashing his arm, but although Foreigner was without the powers given by the Satellite, Foreigner managed to kick Battlescar's face. Battlescar was enraged and attacked anew, but the Foreigner avoided him and his talons only scratched a wall. Battlescar took another uppercut to the ribs and then had to jump to avoid Dead Aim blind-shots. Soon after Battlescar was shocked to understand that the satellite was falling on their heads and he could only watch as Spider-Man saved the day. Battlescar was knocked out by the explosion. Later, he was arrested by the Police. [1]


Battlescar was agile and strong and trained in hand to hand combat. He has long and sharp talons and he likes to exhibit his scars. He has a long scar that pass in the middle of his face and goes down on his chest, abdomen and so on.

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