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Appearing in "Collision Course!"

Featured Characters:

  • Colonial Warriors
    • Commander Adama
    • Captain Apollo
    • Lieutenant Boomer
    • Lieutenant Starbuck

Supporting Characters:

  • Council of Twelve
    • Sire Uri
  • Master-Tech Shadrack
  • Captain Que


  • Lucifer
  • Cylon Garrison leader
  • Cylons

Other Characters:

  • Eurayle
  • Slug


  • The Void
    • Scavenge World


  • Colonial Blaster
  • Fumarello (cigar)


  • Colonial Fleet
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Rising Star
    • Agro-Ship
    • Scorpion Freighter Misquamacus
    • Garbage scow Jerico
  • Colonial Shuttle
  • Vipers
  • Cylon Base Star
    • Cylon Raiders

Synopsis for "Collision Course!"

A Cylon Baseship is about to ram into the Battlestar Galactica. Commander Adama contacts the gunners on Scavenge World and tells his helmsman to bring the Galactica around so it will be posistioned broadside of the Baseship. Once they are in position, Adama orders to fire all lasers at the Cylons and the Scavengers follow suit. The Baseship is still heading for the Galactica, but inside the Golden Garrison leader is informed that there is extensive damate to the central core pylon. The ship is ripped in half before reaching the Galactica. Large chunks hit and damage the Galactica, while others crash on Scavenge World, to the delight of it's inhabitants.

Queen Eurayle reminds the Colonials that her part of the bargain has been fulfilled and insists on leaving with Starbuck. They depart in her makeshift flagship, accompanied by Apollo in his Viper. Meanwhile, Boomer leads Blue Squadron to attack the remaining Cylon Raiders. Lucifer is in one of the Raiders, and finds himself quite enjoying the thrill of battle, which baffles his Centurion. Aboard the Rising Star, Master-Tech Shadrack is informed that the garbage scow Jerico is under attack. He deploys all available shuttles to help evacuate the Jerico, but it is too late.

Apollo arrives in his Viper and tells Shadrack he has a plan. Boomer and other pilots rendezvous with Apollo at the Scorpion Freighter Misquamacus. On Scavenge World, Starbuck wants to join the fight but Eurayley forbids it. Her henchman Slug wants her to fry him with her mind powers, but she allows Starbuck to leave and stew. Deep within the metallic catacombs below, Starbuck finds various imprisoned beings. One of them is revealed to be a Colonial who stole the Agro Ship from the fleet for Sire Uri.

As the battle rages on, Boomer has evacuated the last of the Misquamacus' inhabitants on Colonial Shuttles, and is now setting charges to blow up the near empty ship. Apollo pilots the Misquamacus on a collision course with the two remaining Baseships. He, Boomer and an ensign use an escape capsule to exit the ship, and when they are attacked by a Cylon Raider, Queen Eurayle's flagship appears out of nowhere and blasts the Raider.

The Misquamacus explodes, taking both Baseships with it. The Galactica grabs Apollo's escape capsule in a grappling beam before it comes apart by the backlash of the explosion. Starbuck docks his commandeered ship in the Galactica. A single Cylon Raider, the one carrying Lucifer has managed to escape.

On the bridge of the Galactica, Starbuck introduces the man who stole the Agro ship on Sire Uir's orders. Before he can leave the bridge, Uri is placed under arrest by Adama. An armed envoy headed by Queen Eurayle escorts the missing Agro Ship back to the Colonial fleet. She demands that Starbuck returns with her and remain on Scavenge World to his dying day.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Plot by McKenzie and Simonson, script by McKenzie.

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