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Appearing in "Berserker"

Featured Characters:

  • Colonial Warriors
    • Commander Adama
    • Colonel Tigh
    • Captain Apollo
    • Lieutenant Starbuck (mentioned only)

Supporting Characters:

  • Bridge Officer Omega
  • Captain Phoebus (First appearance)
  • Viper Pilot Hannibal (First appearance)
  • Master-Tech Shadrack
  • Janus (First appearance)


  • Imperious Leader (mentioned only)
  • Mark III Imperator Cylon (First appearance)


  • Cylon Listening Post (First appearance)
  • Scavenge World (mentioned)


  • Armored Bio-Suit
  • Colonial Blaster
  • Warbook computer (mentioned)


    • Battlestar Galactica
  • Colonial Shuttle
  • Viper

Synopsis for "Berserker"

As the rag-tag fleet passes an uncharted blood-red world, they are noticed by a Cylon satellite. The fleet is in dire need of Tylium to use as fuel. An alarm goes off, indicating they've tripped a Cylon intruder alarm. A squadron of Vipers from Delta patrol is launched. After they locate the Cylon satellite, a demolition team led by Master-Tech Shadrack is assembled to deal with it. Apollo asks permition to fly escort for Shadrack's shuttle.

As they approach their target, the shuttle is attacked by a type of ship they have never encountered before. Apollo and Epsilon patrol manage to divert the ship's attention, at the cost of the lives of several Vipers and their pilots. Shadrack and his team use Armored Bio-Suits to reach the satellite, only to realize it has several boobytraps they need to deactivate first. Apollo is the last Viper remaining and tries to trick his pursuer by reversing thrusters. But the mysterious enemy anticipates his trick and shoots Apollo's Viper down.

Before crashing, Apollo blows off his ship's canopy and shoots the enemy ship with his laser gun. Shadrack has lost several of his men, but finally manages to disable the satellite and returns to the shuttle. Apollo and his unknown enemy have both crashlanded and now face each other on the barren planet surface. The enemy pilot introduces himself as one of seven Mark III Imperator Cylon warriors, who were all exiled to listening posts at the empire's perimiter for being too ambitious.

The Mark III lashes out at Apollo with a sword, making Apollo run for his life. Apollo's laser gun is empty, but he takes the weapon apart and uses the core element coil to trip the Cylon, causing it to fall into a volcano. Apollo signals the Galactica and requests to be picked up. He also did some scouting around and has found enough low-grade Tylium deposits on the planet to re-fuel the fleet.

Epilogue: several weeks later, after the Colonial fleet has mined enough Tylium to continue their quest and left the planet, the Mark III Imperator crawls out of the volcano and bursts out of a shell of molten lava which had covered it. It starts to collect parts from the various wrecked Vipers, certain that it can build an even more impressive ship than it's previous sub-light speed craft.


  • Plot by McKenzie and Simonson, script by McKenzie.
  • Layton credited with "assistance above and beyond the call of duty".
  • This issue contains a letters page: Battlestar Bulletins. Letters are published from: John Lydon, Charlie Grennan, Troy A. Haag and Mandy Wilson.

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