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Appearing in "The Memory Machine"

Featured Characters:

  • Colonial Warriors
    • Commander Adama
    • Colonel Tigh
    • Captain Apollo
    • Lieutenant Athena
    • Lieutenant Boomer
    • Lieutenant Starbuck
  • Boxey

Supporting Characters:

  • Sire Uri
  • Medea (First appearance)
  • Master-Tech Shadrak (First appearance)
  • Dr. Spang
  • Dr. Wilker


  • Count Baltar (Death)
  • Lucifer
  • Cylons

Other Characters:

  • Muffit II


  • Caprica (appears in Memory Inducer flashback)
  • Kobol
  • The Void


  • Colonial Blaster
  • Memory Inducer (First appearance)
  • Fumarello (cigar)


  • Colonial Fleet
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Rising Star
  • Colonial Vipers
  • Cylon Fighters

Synopsis for "The Memory Machine"

Serena's coffin is ejected from the Galactica into the blood-red sun of Kobol. Starbuck blames himself for Serena's death and resigns from Blue Squadron, throwing his insignia on the ground in front of Athena. Lucifer travels down to the surface of Kobol to find Baltar fatally injured in the pyramid ruins. With his last breath, Baltar pleads that he can still help the Cylons, and Lucifer agrees...

Apollo is looking at a holographic image of Serena when Athena enters his quarters to tell him about Starbuck. Shortly afterwards, he talks to Starbuck and, while shaking his hand, returns his warrior's insignia to him. Starbuck feels better about himself. Then a woman named Medea introduces herself to him just as a meeting of the Council of Twelve is about to start.

Sire Uri proposes that they need to leave some of the slower ships behind for the safety of the entire fleet. However, Adama brings forth Master Technician Shadrack who is convinced that with enough men to help him, he can have every ship operating at light-speed within two weeks. Uri reminds the Council that Adama led them to near-disaster on Carillon, to which Adama counters that he has found proof of the thirteenth colony of man in the pyramids of Kobol. Uri demands evidence of this, or else he will be foreced to ask for Adama's resignation.

Medea invites Starbuck to act as her personal escort on the Rising Star before leaving with Uri after the Council has adjourned. A short time later, Adama has decided to enter the Memory Inducer, a machine originally designed to pry open the minds of traitors and saboteurs. By doing so, the Commander hopes to remember every detail in the ancient writings he fleetingly saw on Kobol and use them to locate Earth.

Two days later, Master-Tech Shadrack's operations are proceeding well. However, Boomer reports that two of the 220 ships in the fleet are missing. When Colonel Tigh wants to alert the Council of Twelve, Athena discovers that they have gathered aboard the Rising Star, which has broken off all communications with the Galactica.

Tigh tells Athena to rendezvous with Apollo and Boomer, who were patrolling the fleet. The three of them fly their Vipers into the hangar of the Rising Star, despite the objections of it's technicians. They find Starbuck already there, seated at a gambling table, and he has brought along Boxey and Muffit as well. Sire Uri has retreated to his private suite, and the Colonial pilots have to threaten Uri's personal guards with their blasters in order to reach it. Inside, seven representatives of the Quorum have voted Uri to be the newly elected president of the Council of Twelve.

This story is continued next issue...


Continuity Notes

  • Athena's hair is mistakenly colored blond in two panels on page 19.

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