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Appearing in "All Things Past and Present!"

Featured Characters:

  • Colonial Warriors
    • Commander Adama
    • Colonel Tigh
    • Captain Apollo
    • Lieutenant Athena
    • Lieutenant Boomer
    • Lieutenant Starbuck
  • Nurse Cassiopeia

Supporting Characters:

  • Sire Uri
  • Medea
  • Uri's guards
  • Dr. Wilker


  • Count Baltar (appears in Memory Inducer flashback)

Other Characters: Locations:

  • Caprica (appears in Memory Inducer flashback)
    • Colonial Fleet Academy (appears in Memory Inducer flashback)
  • The Void


  • Bio-Sword (appears in Memory Inducer flashback)
  • Colonial Blaster
  • Memory Inducer
  • Fumarello (cigar)


  • Colonial Fleet
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Agro-Ship (mentioned)
  • Colonial Vipers

Synopsis for "All Things Past and Present!"

Inside the Memory Stimulator, Adama relives a practice session in which he dueled Baltar with Bio-swords at the Colonial Fleet Academy on Caprica some 25 Yahrens earlier. Adama got the upper hand despite the fact that Baltar had tammpered with the swords control. Apollo and Sire Uri witness Adama's flashback from outside the inducer, which Uri finds a flagrant waste of the Galactica's energy resources. As he steps outside, Uri gives some ominous orders to his personal guards. He then proceeds to the bridge of the Galactica to assume command from Colonel Tigh, who is put in charge of the repair crews instead.

Shortly after that, Uri orders Apollo and Starbuck to organize a search party for the three ships that have gone missing from the fleet and ensures them that he will personnaly attend to the safety of Commander Adama. In the pilot's ready room Athena argues that her father cannot be left alone for even a minute, but Apollo and Starbuck ensure her that Boomer is on guard. But then Boomer arrives, having been sent to them by Uri's guards. Realizing they have been tricked, the pilots engage in some subterfuse of their own: Boomer pretends to be Apollo and takes his place on Viper patrol with Athena and Starbuck, while Apollo hurries back to protect his father.

Unfortunately, Apollo is knocked out by Uri's guards and taken to the bridge, where Uri threatens to courtmartial him. Uri's lover, Medea, has taken over communications and reports that the fleet's Agro ship is missing. At first Uri assumes she is making this up so he can blame Apollo, but when she tells him the ship really has disappeared, Uri panics, as he had need of it. Apollo deduces that Uri was planning to leave the fleet behind and rendezvous with the ships that had gone 'missing' earlier, and his plans included taking the Agro ship with him. Uri runs off to stop his personal guards from harming Adama.

Meanwhile, the guards order Dr. Wilker and Nurse Cassiopeia to report to Uri on the bridge. When Wilker replies that he cannot leave Adama's side, he is knocked out. One of the guards grabs Cassiopeia and another tries to shut down the Memory Inducer, but is shot by Colonel Tigh, who had a feeling Uri would attempt something like this. With help from Cassiopeia, Tigh manages to defeat all of Uri's guards. But when reinforcements arrive, Tigh's laser is soon out of power. Apollo and Uri, who claims to be on Adama's side now, arrive, and when Apollo jumps at one of the guards, a stray burst of laser fire rips through the computer controls of the memory machine. The machine goes out of control and Adama is trapped within his own memories. Sire Uri immediately takes advantage of this situation by blaming Apollo for it.

This story is continued next issue...


  • The Memory Inducer is now called the Memory Stimulator, and at once point is referred to as 'Memory Machine'.
  • Athena appears out of nowhere in the last panel of the final page, replacing Cassiopeia who was present in the scene before this.

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