Bava was a member of Dayspring's Clan Chosen who were in a fire fight against the New Canaanites. Dayspring told Bava and some of the others to pull back as they were being surrounded by the enemy. Bava started to be torn apart from the seems and disappeared due to a temporal storm which caused their reality to be overwritten by another one.[1]

Once the timestream was corrected, Bava returned with the others to their home with no memory of what had happened. He was at their camp listening to Tetherblood worry about Dayspring's disappearance when they were ambushed and taken hostage by Stryfe and the Mutant Liberation Army in order to pressure Dayspring to come back home.[2]

Bava was seen in one of Stryfe's prison cells strapped down to a table while Dayspring was being interrogated by Stryfe.[3]

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