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Baxu was a general of Netherworld, a descendant realm of the continent of Atlantis and longtime advisor to its Queen Kala, with whom he was secretly in love. When Kala kidnapped weapons inventor Tony Stark to develop a device to transport her invasion armies to the surface world, he warned his queen about Iron Man's strength and urged her to delay her invasion plans. After Iron Man had thwarted her plans by showing her that she could not survive on the Earth's surface, she married Baxu at Iron Man's suggestion in order to become king.[1]

Their marriage was short lived as Kala has later stated that Baxu had died. His cause of death is unexplained.[2]



Night Vision: Due to his life underground, Baxu could see clearly in far dimmer light than most surface human beings could.


Military: As General of Netherworlds well-trained army, he commanded the use of its highly advanced technology and weaponry.


Exposure to Earth's Atmosphere: For unknown reasons, exposure to the atmosphere of the Earth's surface caused Netherworlders to grow aged and weak within moments.


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