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The Beak was a Nazi spy that was active during World War II. By January of 1943 the Beak had set up an operation in which he replaced supply trains carrying weapons and supplies to be shipped to the Russian war front with junk in order to sour relationships between the United States and Russia. To this end, he and his men had built a trap on along the rail line in which a tunnel was lined with gas vents that flooded the train with knock out gas that caused temporary amnesia. The Beak and his men then moved the train onto a separate track to a hidden warehouse where they opened all the crates and replaced the weapons with junk, then sent the train back on its way. The crew would come to with no memory of what happened leaving the authorities to wonder how the switch had occurred.

The strange happenings led the military to call the Human Torch and Toro to assist in learning the truth. Aboard the next train shipment, they managed to get out of the tunnel before they were affected by the gas thanks to their quick thinking and flame powers. When they confronted the Beak and his men, their flames were doused with a fire retarding gas and knocked out. They were then tied up and taken to the Beak's hideout where the villain gloated about his victory over them and explained his operations. Unfortunately for the Beak, when the Torch and Toro broke free from their bonds, his gas gun jammed and he and his minions were easily captured and turned over to the FBI.[1]

His subsequent fate is unrecorded.



The Beak used various gasses; one was a knock out gas that caused partial amnesia, and a gas gun which fired fire retarding gas.


Der Schnabel is The Beak in German.

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