The criminal known as the Beak was a gang leader and bank robber who was active during the 1940s. In 1945 he and his gang decided to change tactics when they learned of oriental jewelry being put on display at the Woolsey Museum. To this end, they murdered the night watchman in order to steal his uniform. While attempting to dump his body they spotted Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes who were returning to base after leave. Pretending to have car trouble, the gang members told them to leave them alone. Suspicious, the two men changed into Captain America and Bucky and spotted the Beak and his men dumping the body and stealing its clothing.

Cap and Bucky were unsuccessful at stopping the gang from getting away with all the dead watchman's clothing, except for his shoes. That night, the Beak had one of his men dress up in the watchman's uniform to report for the watchman's shift. There, he knocked out the daytime watchman and shut off the museum's alarm system. Before the Beak and his men could steal the jewels, Captain America and Bucky arrived and easily defeated the gang and turned them over to the authorities.[1]

The Beak's subsequent fate is unknown.

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