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As a founding member of the X-Men, the intelligently gifted Hank McCoy has been fighting for the peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans for most of his life. Born with a physique, strength, and muscular structure greatly resembling an ape, Hank was known as Beast. Later, becoming a biophysicist at the Brand Corporation, Hank drank a serum he created and further mutated himself into a blue-furred creature with fangs and claws. After spending many years as an Avenger, Beast joined the Defenders and, later with the founding members of the X-Men, X-Factor. Hank has always found himself returning to the X-Men, until longtime friend and leader, Cyclops, began to make decisions that Hank believed were questionable and he quit to join S.W.O.R.D. and the Secret Avengers. After the disagreement between Cyclops and Wolverine, Beast returned to the School for Gifted Youngsters, renamed the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, as vice principal. When the Terrigen Mist was loose and killing mutants, as part of a truce between the Inhumans, he worked with them in hopes of finding a cure. On the mutant nation of Krakoa, Hank serves as the head of the intelligence wing of X-Force, considered the country's equivalent to the C.I.A.

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