The Beast-God was one of the Old Ones, who dwelt on Earth ages before the coming of mankind.

Crawling in Vanaria, he kept receiving human sacrifices.

Beowulf (Earth-616) and the Beast-God (Earth-616) from Tower of Shadows Vol 1 6 0001

Fighting with Beowulf

When Beowulf came to Vanaria to conquer it, he killed the Beast-God. Taking over the country, his men were eventually driven mad by the Ghost-Beast (the ghostly apparition of the Beast-God), and killed each other. The people of Vanaria took the opportunity to overwhelm and slay Beowulf's troops, and capture their leader. They intended to use him as a sacrifice to pacify the Ghost-Beast, but Princess Ulana secretly poisoned him, for him to became a ghost and kill the Ghost-Beast again and destroy him. Beowulf realized his death only after having killed the monster.[1]


His stare caused madness among the mortals.

Killed in the physical plane, he kept existing in ghost form until he was killed again.[1]

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