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Synopsis for ""Bad Karma""

Hank McCoy leaves Harry’s Hideaway only to find himself possessed by former New Mutant Karma. Karma has found a trace of her missing siblings leading to the Hellfire Club and she uses Beast to get there. However, the twins are already gone and, before she can torture the guards, Beast snaps out of the possession. Using his computer skills, they found out the kids have been bartered to Spiral and Viper. Later, back at Xavier’s and joined by Cannonball, Karma explains how desperate she’s become. In the meantime, Viper meets up with Spiral at the Body Shop and watches the twins being transmutated. She has a desire to get revenge against Karma, though refuses to give a reason. Finally, Spiral appears at Xavier’s to abduct Xi’an. Cannonball and Beast join the fray and, as Spiral teleports the unconscious Karma and Cannonball away with her, Beast jumps after them.

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