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With Nga ordered to kill Beast outside, the others are taken into the Body Shop where Karma is to be purged of her memories. Viper finally reveals her reason for hating Karma’s family. When she worked for HYDRA, she was ordered to kill Karma’ uncle, General Coy, who was making himself a name as a mob boss. When she tried to do so, she was possessed by Coy’s secret weapon, Karma’s twin brother, Tran. She had to spend months in Coy’s harem before she was able to flee. As Tran is no longer alive, she intends to take her vengeance out on his twin. As Spiral tries to purge Karma’s mind, she finds a faint second psychic trail the personality of Tran, whom Karma subsumed. Beast, who has overpowered and freed Nga, suggests to Viper that now she cannot allow Karma to die, as she is her only chance to get vengeance on Tran himself. Viper reluctantly agrees and helps bring the Body Shop down. A furious Spiral teleports herself, her creatures and Viper away. Cannonball wants to take the twins out of the conflagration but Karma orders him not to. She doesn’t consider those monstrosities her siblings anymore. Beast tells her that their normal life is gone but they are still human. He manages to convince her and, with the help of Gateway, they all leave with Karma having some thinking to do.

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