The Beast of Cactus Canyon's past and origins are a mystery, but like many creatures that exist on Earth-616 it was highly regarded as a myth. However, the legend of the Beast of Cactus Canyon would attract the interest of Hollywood and in the summer of 1942, Marvel Films came to Cactus Canyon to shoot a movie based on the creature. The film continued production despite the fact that the locals warned that the film was a mockery of the beast and the the creature would kill them all. Myron, the camera man on the crew discovered that the location they were shooting in was rich with uranium. Unaware that the property was owned by the government and he was unable to claim the rights to the find he sought to frighten the crew away by posing as the monster. His initial attack attracted the attention of the other dimensional hero known as the Vision, who prevented Myron from kidnapping the lead actress.[1]

Myron soon learned a fatal lesson in pretending to a monster when the real Beast of Cactus Canyon attacked and killed him. The Vision clashed with the creature but found it's strength impressive. knocked into a tree, the beast lunge forward, ready to kill. But Vision pulled the sapling out and use it to impale the beast, thus ending its threat for good.

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