The Beast of Frankenstein was the creation of Nazi sympathizer Anna Frankenstein and her lover Von Rottz in the summer of 1944. They had hoped to use the works of Victor Frankenstein to create a monster for the Nazis much like her relative Basil before her.

Succeeding in creating their monster, Anna then wrote to Captain America and Bucky to Castle Frankenstein in order to lure them into a trap. Invited to stay the night, Cap and Bucky were attacked by the creature, but managed to fight it off. Searching for it with Von Ratter, they were attacked again, this time the creature grabbed Bucky. Taking the young sidekick to the parapet of the castle, the monster tossed Bucky but he was saved by Captain America.

Before Von Rottz could betray them, the creature attacked him and strangled him to death before grabbing Anna and fleeing into the woods. Captain America followed after the monster and freed Anna, then lured the monster into a quicksand pit where it drowned.

After Cap confronted Anna with her Nazi background, Anna committed suicide in the same quicksand pit. Her father then set fire to her lab, destroying it. However others have since utilized Victor's techniques to create other monsters.[1]

Strength level

This creature had enhanced strength.


Like many other creatures using Victor Frankenstein's processes to reanimate the dead, this monster had only a basic intelligence. It did not appear to recognize its creators and was driven to destroy every human it encountered.

Throughout its appearance, the creature was referred to as the original Frankenstein's Monster, despite the fact that Anna stated that she created the monster herself. Clearly, Captain America and Bucky were mistaken. The monster was referenced as the "Beast of Frankenstein" in the story narrative only, and is named as such here to differentiate it from the other similar Frankenstein Monsters that have existed over the centuries.

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