Not much is known about the Beastmen who live on an unspecified planet on Earth-5391 a universe where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century. By the year 2075 they were enemies of the Space Sentinels peacekeeping force. During one such conflict one of their numbers bit the arms of Major Ramm, resulting in him being forced to have his arms amputated and taken off active duty of the Space Sentinels. While Speed Carter led the Space Squadron to counterattack an invasion fleet of Beastmen heading toward Earth, the Beastmen launched a meteor to crash into the Earth to eradicate its population. With no other active members of the Space Sentinels to deal with the threat, Major Ramm flew a rocket into the meteor and was killed on impact. His sacrifice knocked the meteor off course and sent it crashing into the Beastmen's home planet, destroying it[1]. If any of the Beastmen survived the destruction of their homeworld or the invasion fleet counter attack remains unrevealed.

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From their canine teeth the Beastmen excrete a powerful poison that causes limbs to atrophy and eventually death. There is no known cure to the poison but it can be stopped by the amputation of infected limbs.


Level of Technology: The Beastmen have advanced technology in the form of rocket ships that can travel interstellar distances as well as a magnetic device that can control the direction of meteors.

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